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    1. AD10

      Fotospeed AD10 100ml to make 3L


      - Produces an ancient, mature sepia toned print.
      - Enables old print style 'nicotine' stained highlights to be created.
      - Simple to use effective single solution.

      Antique Dye AD10 gives a sepia toned print, with a 'vintage' style. Modern papers have white highlights, while old prints have nicotine stained highlights. Antique dye enables you to recreate the look of the prints of yester-year.


      While the process is most effective with sepia tones prints, it can be used with straight black and white prints. Ensure that the print has been fully washed prior to Antique Dying since the print should NOT be washed after, but simply wiped with tissue and allowed to dry naturally.

      Dilute the AD10 from 1+9 to 1+29 according to personal taste and place the print into the solution. Observe the slow change and remove when the effect required has been achieved. Do not wash or rinse. Only wipe the surface dye off the print and allow to dry naturally.

      Rebottle solution for reuse.

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    2. DY10

      Fotospeed Black & White Retouching Kit DY10


      A simple B&W retouch kit containing 15ml of Burnt Sienna, Black and Dark Grey dyes. They are fully absorbed by the emulsion leaving absolutely no surface marking.

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    3. Chromium

      Fotospeed Cl10 Chromium Intensifier 150ml


      This product is designed to intensify thin B&W negatives. The negative is bleached back in diluted CI10, then redeveloped in PRINT developer, causing the image to return stronger. The process can be repeated a few times to maximise intensification. There is no need to refix - simply wash thoroughly. The working solution can be kept for further use.

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    4. Fotospeed DY15 Fotodyes Kit

      Fotospeed DY15 Fotodyes Kit


      Fotospeed DY15 Fotodyes are designed to be used on any photographic emulsion. As true dyes, they are completely absorbed by the emulsion, leaving no surface marking. The dyes come in 11 different colours with one reducer which can be used to correct mistakes, by either partially removing Fotodye from the print or fully removing the colour. It has no adverse effect on B&W or colour prints. All the dyes can be fully intermixed and/or diluted to produce any colour or shade required. The dyes are extremely concentrated and caution should initially be exercised when diluting for use. It is very rare to use the dye undiluted except to colour 35mm title slides.

      When using for the first time, we suggest you test the strength of colour on scrap prints. As a first test use 3 drops of dye to 1 teaspoon of water. You can then see the effect of stronger colour by adding more drops of dye.

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    5. Farmers reducer

      Fotospeed FR10 Farmers Reducer 4 x 250ml


      - A silver reducer supplied as powder.
      - Traditionally used for B&W negatives.
      - Can also be used for reducing the density of B&W prints or any material where silver is the base.
      - Hypo crystals are supplied in the kit for the refixing of the image after reduction.

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