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    1. Rollei RPX100 120mm

      Rollei RPX100 120mm


      Rollei RPX 100 is a traditional medium-speed black and white film. Panchromatically sensitized from 380 to 660nm with a broad exposure latitude. RPX 100 is a fine-grain film that enables a good sharpness and a broad tonal range with good contrast. 

      This film is suitable for a wide range of photographic applications like portraits, landscapes, architecture, and product photography.


      • Traditional Black and White Film
      • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor shots 
      • Fine Grain 
      • Excellent sharpness 
      • Broad Exposure Latitude 
      • Rich Tonal range with good contrast 
      • Compatible with most standard developers 
      • Panchromatic
      • Sensitized from 380 to 660 nm at 2.850K​

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    2. Ilford FP4 Plus 125 ASA 120mm

      Ilford FP4 Plus 125 ASA 120mm


      125ASA medium format B&W film.

      FP4 plus is an exceptionally fine grain, medium speed, black and white film. It is ideal for high quality indoor and outdoor photography, particularly when giant enlargements are to be made. In addition to general photography, FP4 Plus is also suited to copying and inter-negative work and has many applications in scientific, technical and industrial photography. FP4 Plus is robust and will give usable results even if it is overexposed by as much as 2 stops or underexposed by 2 stops. It is compatible with all major systems including those which give the standard short fixing and washing times.

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    3. Ilford Delta 100/120

      Ilford Delta 100/120


      For sharpness and freedom from grain, ILFORD DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL is simply the best in its class - offering the photographer exceptionally fine grain and a level of sharpness rarely seen, resulting in outstanding clarity of detail and the most precise image rendition. Capable of superb image quality at its recommended rating of ISO 100/21, this film will also produce great results rated between ISO 50 and 200.

      • Medium Format Black & White negative
      • Medium Speed ISO 100
      • Superb image quality, precise rendition
      • Core-shell crystal technology

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    4. Fomapan 100 ASA 120mm

      Fomapan 100 ASA 120mm


      Fomapan 100 Classic is a panchromatic Black & White film from the traditional Czech company Foma, with great qualities, such as sharp grain, high resolution, clear contours and a wide range of half-tones. Fomapan 100 Classic has a nominal speed of asa 100/21 but, thanks to its flexibility, it gives good results even when over-exposed by 1 stop (asa 50/18) or under-exposed by 2 (asa 400/27), without any great impact on processing, without having to change the developing time or the bath temperature.

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