Tetenal Ultrafin Film Developer 1 Litre


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      Highly Concentrated Fine Grain Developer Ultrafin is a black and white film developer with outstanding properties: it gives fine grain results coupled with a higher speed rating than the nominal film speed. The resultant negatives exhibit a good tonal range. The dilution ratio may be adjusted so that the development properties can perfectly match the film and exposure conditions to achieve optimal results (e.g.enabling the control of high subject contrast).


      For normal contrast with high speed films, dilute the concentrate 1 + 10 or 1 + 20 with water. Dilutions such as 1 + 20 or 1 + 30 will be suitable for low speed films and for the reduction of high subject contrast.


      As the shelf life of the working solution is limited, it is best to use Ultrafin as a one shot developer. 

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