Tetenal Eukobrom AC Paper Developer 1 Litre Hydroquinone Free


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      Tetenal Eukobrom AC Liquid 1 Litre Concentrate 1 + 9 B&W paper developer.

      Eukobrom AC - Hydroquinone free Black and White Paper Developer is suitable for all B&W photographic papers, irrespective of whether they are traditional baryta-based or resin coated papers, e.g. Tetenal Vario. Either type of paper can be processed in dishes, drums or small desktop processing machines. Eukobrom AC produces deep blacks, clean whites and delivers a neutral image tone. The developer concentrate can be diluted in ratios from 1+4 to 1+9.

      The new Eukobrom AC formula requires no special hazard information to be printed on the label.  However, Eukobrom AC is nonetheless toxic aquatic organisms and should not be allowed to reach the sewage system. It also contains low levels of substances that can cause skin or eye iritation

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