Redged RMA- 432 Monopod - Aluminium - 170cm


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      Redged products are manufactured using the highest know-how available in the world. Their fabrication process involves precise weaving and wrapping whilst the materials are kept under high pressure and high temperature. The technological complexity of this process is similar to that of the carbon fiber casings used in the aviation industry. Redged's carbon fiber is stronger than metal and lighter than wood, while both the toughness and tensile strength of it are incomparable to any other material currently known.

      The design of the Redged products is completely focused on our customers and we are constantly developing and improving. Because of this we can always provide the best quality and durability possible.

      However, despite all our efforts, it is possible that a product that you have purchased develops a fault or brakes down without being mishandled. In this case, you can rely on our 5 years limited warranty. Redged guarantees a full replacement of your product within the first five years. Also, if necessary, we guarantee the availability of replacement parts within this same period.

      Material: Aluminium
      Sections: 4
      Tube diameter: 32mm
      Extended length: 170cm
      Folded length: 54cm
      Weight: 0,65kg
      Max. Weight: 15kg

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    • SKU: RMA-432
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    • Weight: 1.0 lb
    • Product Type: Monopod
    • Brand: Redged