Photographers' Formulary ABC PYRO FILM DEVELOPER


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      Caution: Pyrogallol is a phenol and can cause burns. Do not inhale dust. Wear Gloves

      Formulary's ABC Pyro Film Developer is a classic formula that uses Pyrogallol as the developing agent and is similar to Kodak D-1 and Ansco 45. Formulary ABC Pyro is designed for large format use and produces negatives with normal to low contrast. The grain is low, and acutance high. The negatives have beautiful scale and gradation; however, there is a loss of about 1/2 stop in film speed. The chemicals in the kit are used to make three stock solutions which are combined and diluted to make the working solution. A 1 liter kit yields 10 liters of working solution. The shelf life of the stock solutions is six months. The working solution is used once then discarded.


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