Paterson 700 Universal Enlargers


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      The Paterson Universal enlarger will handle negatives up to 6×6 cm.

      The all metal enlarger head can be moved up and down the angled column enabling
      prints up to 30 x40cm to be produced. For larger prints the head can be rotated
      through 90 degrees to allow projection of the image onto a wall. Alternatively the
      column can be rotated allowing the image to be projected onto the floor

      The negative carrier comes complete with both 6x6cm and 35mm glassless masks.
      The enlarger lens mount is a standard 39mm thread which will accommodate a wide
      range of lenses and it can be supplied with either a 50mm lens for use with 35mm
      negatives or a 75mm lens for use with 6×6 negatives.
      A filter drawer in the lamp-house allows filters used for work with Variable Contrast
      papers to be inserted.
      A red swing filter is provided under the lens to allow paper positioning without
      the paper being exposed to the projected image. This is swung out of position before
      exposure is made.

      The enlarger is available with a choice of either of two 4 Element lenses. The other lens can be purchased separately. The enlarger can also be purchase without any lenses

      f-4.5 50mm for 35mm negatives

      f-4.5 75mm for 6x6cm negatives.

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    • Variant: No Lens
    • SKU: PTP700
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    • Weight: 22.0 lb
    • Product Type: Enlarger
    • Brand: Paterson