Lenspen Triklear Lens Cleaning Kit


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      Triklear is designed for lenses & Digital Displays Safe for all lenses and Displays Patented dry carbon compound Environmentally friendly Outperforms all other cleaning devices unique self-replenishing tip LensPen for cleaning Lenses - MiniPro 11 for smaller lenses - DigiKlear for digital LCD's Long life - up to 500 uses! Carbon compound will not spill or dry out. Instructions for use 1. Remove any particles on the lens or LCD surface with the retractable bursh. 2.Remove the cap and wipe the lens or LCD surface with smooth circulae motions of the cleaning tip. If some smudges persist breathe gentle on the surace and repear the process 3.Replace the cap and give the cao a half-twist to replenish the cleaning tip.

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