Lee Colour Temperature Polyester Filters 100x100mm


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      These filters have a variety of uses. Although designed to convert the colour characteristics of a light source to balance with the film type in use, they can also be used deliberately to create a warm or cool overall colour cast.

      Those are the older style of filters and packaging and are as stock lasts


      80A: Exposure: 2

      Conversion: 3200K to 5500K

      Mired Shift: -131

      80B: Exposure: 1⅔

      Conversion: 3400K to 5500K

      Mired Shift: -112

      80C: Exposure: 1

      Conversion: 3800K to 5500K

      Mired Shift: -81

      80D: Exposure: ⅔

      Conversion: 4200K to 5500K

      Mired Shift: -56


      Pale Blue

      82C: Exposure: ⅔

      Conversion: 2800K to 3200K

      Mired Shift: -45


      Pale Amber

      81: Exposure: ⅓

      Conversion: 3300K to 3200K

      Mired Shift: +9

      81B: Exposure: ⅓

      Conversion: 3500K to 3200K

      Mired Shift: +27

      81C: Exposure: ⅓

      Conversion: 3600K to 3200K

      Mired Shift: +35

      81D: Exposure: ⅔

      Conversion: 3700K to 3200K

      Mired Shift: +42

      81EF: Exposure: ⅔

      Conversion: 3850K to 3200K

      Mired Shift: +53



      85: Exposure: ⅔

      Conversion: 5500K to 3800K

      Mired Shift: +81

      85B: Exposure: ⅔

      Conversion: 5500K to 3200K

      Mired Shift: +131

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    • Variant: 80A
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    • Product Type: Square Filter
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