Harman Crystal Jet RC Lustre 260gsm 4x6 100 sheets


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      Like the other papers offered under the HARMAN PHOTO banner, HARMAN CRYSTALJET RC delivers exceptional quality prints with all the appearance, vibrancy and tonal contrast of real photographs. However, unlike the other HARMAN PHOTO products which are all Baryta coated, fibre based papers, HARMAN CRYSTALJET RC is actually a resin coated paper. It’s this fact which allows it to carry a lower price tag.

      With a 260gsm weight, HARMAN CRYSTALJET RC is compatible with the latest pigmented and dye based printers and benefits from instant dry properties.

      HARMAN CRYSTALJET LUSTRE RC Inkjet Paper is designed to produce quick drying, high quality photo images on popular photo-dedicated inkjet printers using dye or pigment inks. The paper has a smooth gloss finish, and enables high quality images with the appearance of real photographs. Prints have a good vibrancy, a broad tonal range and good shadow and highlight definition.

      • Smooth lustre finish
      • Paper weight 260 gsm
      • Compatible with most popular dye and pigment inkjet printers
      • Quick drying surface
      • Photo quality images
      • Excellent results for both colour and black and white printing
      • Good surface scuff resistance to general handling
      • Water resistant

      • To load the paper into the printer feed tray follow the printer manufacturer's advice.
      • Prints will be touch-dry directly after printing and can be handled immediately. However, stacking, storing,
      framing, and displaying prints in albums should only be carried out when the images are completely dry.
      We recommend leaving them for 24 hours or at least overnight for any outgassing from the inks to be
      completed. Actual dry times will vary according to the ambient conditions where you are printing.
      • The paper is compatible with pigment and dye inks - and most photo-dedicated/photo capable printers,
      using the printer manufacturer’s original inks.
      • The printing side is the glossy side of the paper. The paper is packed in the box printing side up.
      • To ensure that the paper remains flat, store the paper in the original box until you are ready to print.
      Always store the boxes flat, not on their edges.
      • Handle the paper carefully, and avoid touching the printing surface as this may cause fingermarks, and
      adversely affect colour and image quality.
      • As with all photographic and inkjet materials do not expose this paper to extremes of temperature and
      humidity as this will adversely affect image quality and colour.

      This paper is designed for use with most popular photo inkjet printers. The printer settings we recommend are based on extensive practical tests at our factory, which have achieved consistently good results, when applying specific media/printer setting combinations. However, you may find that you need to change these settings depending on your personal preferences, the types of images you are printing and your local conditions.
      For example, if a warmer or darker image is required to suit your personal preferences, you may need to
      increase 'saturation' or 'intensity'. Similarly changing the media selection, which appear in the printer
      software’s drop down menu, can also dramatically alter the look and colour of resultant prints. Do not be
      afraid to experiment to achieve the look you are seeking.

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