Hama Bluetooth Remote Shutter BRS3 for phones and tablets


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      Hama's selfie shooter revolutionizes the world of selfies by giving you an easy way to take the best photos wherever you are and whoever you are with. It gives you a better perspective, puts an end to blurred selfies and allows you to stun your friends with clear photos.

      Bluetooth release for smartphone and tablet cameras, ideal for selfies

      Connection via Bluetooth directly with the smartphone or tablet

      Allows unusual photo and selfie angles

      For selfie photos and videos, blogs, ideal for trips, for life on the move and for action photography

      Better focusing, faster snapshots, resulting in better pictures and sharp, un-blurred selfies

      If the smartphone or tablet is positioned in a suitable spot, both arms can remain free - the extended selfie arm is passé

      Safe photography in high-action situations

      Perfect for party and group shots because the range of up to 10 m allows a much wider image field

      Independent of self-trigger mode

      Small and compact, the Bluetooth shutter release can go anywhere

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