Fuji Velvia 100


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      • ISO 100 Speed
        Easy-to-use ISO 100 rating with the world's highest level of color saturation.
      • Ultrahigh-saturation Color Reproduction
        Attainment of the world's highest color saturation level equal to that of Velvia (ISO 50) through the incorporation of new cyan, magenta and yellow couplers.
      • Super-fine Grain
        RMS granularity of 8, one of the finest levels.
      • Color Image Storage Permanence
        Color image storage permanence (anti-fading characteristics) equal to that of RVP 100F as a result of new couplers.
      • Superb Push/Pull Processing Suitability
        Minimum variation in color and gradation during push/pull processing over a range from -1/2 to +1 stop, providing an expanded range of phototaking opportunities, as well as facilitating fine adjustments in exposure and density during processing and allowing an increase in speed of up to +2 stops (equal to E.I.400), depending on the scene. 


      RMS stands for “Root Mean Square”, a widely used standard method for measuring the degree of grain in photographic film. The lower the RMS number, the smaller the apparent grain.

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    • Variant: 35mm 36exp / 1 Roll
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