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      Fotospeed ST20 Odourless Vario Sepia Toner can produce a wide range of sepia tones on Fibre and Resin Coated B&W papers. It comprises three parts: Part 1 - Bleach; Part 2 - Toner; Part 3 - Toner Additive. Parts 1 and 2 mix separately to make two working solutions, with Part 3 being added in its concentrated form to Part 2 working solution to adjust the shade of sepia required. Part 3 is needed to activate the toner.

      The 150ml Kit will make 1.5 litres of solution once diluted and the 500ml Kit will make 5 litres.

      MIXING INSTRUCTIONS Part 1: Bleach - Dilute 1+9 with water to make the volume of working strength solution required. Should you wish the bleaching time to be faster or slower make up the solution stronger for faster bleaching and more dilute for slower bleaching. Part 2: Toner - Dilute 1+9 with water to make the volume of working strength solution required. Part 3: Toner Additive - This should be added, without dilution, directly to part 2 working solution in the quantity required to produce the shade of sepia required. The additive can also be used to replenish the toning solution to hold the desired hue of sepia.

      USAGE Having selected your print to be toned ensure that it has been fully fixed and washed. In the case of dry prints first soak them in water to ensure that the emulsion is fully wet. This takes about one minute. 1. Place the print in the bleach bath and agitate gently. Bleaching times may vary according to paper type. Complete bleaching of a print, to the point where there is no black image apparent, can take up to 2 minutes. Prints may be removed from the bleach at any time without waiting for full bleaching to take place. The toner will only tone silver that has been bleached, any remaining silver from partial bleaching will stay as silver black and can add character to the final sepia toned print. After bleaching rinse the print well in running water for 2 minutesfor RC and 5 minutes for FB to remove all traces of the bleach. 2. Place the bleached print into the tray of Sepia Toner with the required amount of additive and agitate well for about one minute to fully tone the print. 3. Remove the print and wash for 3 mins for RC and 15 mins for FB and dry in the normal manner. Both the Bleach and Sepia Toner working solutions can be kept for reuse in airtight containers.

      CAPACITY Each litre of working solution should process 30 - 8x10in prints, depending on paper and image.

      PRINT QUALITY If there is doubt that the print to be toned has been fixed and washed thoroughly, it should be refixed and washed fully before toning. Staining on the toned print can result from the print having been inadequately fixed and washed beforehand. Variable Contrast papers may require the bleaching time to be extended over those published. Alternatively, the bleach can be diluted 1+7 (or stronger) with water to reduce the time required in this solution for variable contrast papers. A properly sepia toned print will be archivally permanent. The whole procedure should be done under normal room or daylight conditions.

      Data Sheet Part 1

      Data Sheet Part 2

      Data Sheet Part 3

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