Fotospeed Blue Toner Kit (BT20) 150ml to make 1.2L


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      1. BT20 Iron Blue toner gives a range of tones from a deep cobalt blue to an electric blue, using techniques described in the data sheet (included with each product).

      MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: The kit consists of 3 parts and the table below shows the mixing sequence with water Equal amounts of each part. The whole procedure should be done under normal room or daylight conditions.

      TONING BLACK AND WHITE PAPERS: Ensure that the print has been well fixed and very well washed before toning. Mix up the required amount of working solution according to the table and pour into a processing tray. Place the print in the toning solution and agitate gently until the depth of tone is visually reached. Remove and wash well for 3 minutes or until the yellow stain has come out of the whites. A salt bath can be used to speed the removal of the yellow stain from the highlights but wash well after. Dry the print naturally.

      TONING FILM: Where possible ensure that the film to be toned is of optimum density and has been properly fixed and washed. Before toning dry films, soak them for about 2 minutes in water. Toning takes between 2-10 minutes depending on the density of the film image. For lengths of film such as 135/36 Exp. or 120/12Exp place the film before wetting into a tank spiral as for normal processing. In the case of pieces of film and sheet film then tray process. Fill the spiral tank with the required volume of toner to submerge the spiral and agitate the spiral in the open tank continuously in both directions. Examine intermittently. A light blue fog may appear during toning but this will disappear during the washing sequence. Now wash the film for 5 minutes under running water and preferably use a rinse aid such as Fotospeed RA50 Rinse Aid in the final 30 seconds to ensure perfect uniform drying without streaking. Do not over wash the film since the dye will gradually wash out if the film is over washed.

      INTENSIFYING (DARKENING) THE BLUE TONE: After toning and washing, the print can then be placed into B&W print developer diluted 1+9 for 2 minutes. The blue tone will completely disappear. Then wash for 1 minute and retone following the same procedure. The result will be an intensified blue tone. This procedure can be repeated several times to continue the intensification process. Prints for Blue Toning can be made lighter to compensate for the addition of density during the toning process.

      INTENSIFYING (BRIGHTENING) THE BLUE TONE Place the toned print into normal fixer diluted at 1+4 for one minute. This will remove the blue tone leaving a ghost; blue in the highlights. Then place the print into running water for 1 minute. If you like the image then dry to keep. Otherwise now place the print back into the blue toner and retone. The blue comes back brighter. The fixing process can be repeated and the print reblue toned for an even brighter result. Finally wash and dry.

      CAPACITY One litre of working solution will tone 6-135/36 Exp black & white films or the equivalent of 20 sheets 20x25cm black and white paper. Once the toner darkens discard and replace.

      STORAGE The working solution will not keep. Concentrates of the three parts will keep for up to two years in full tightly capped bottles and for about three months in half full capped bottles.

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