Fomapan Black and White Reversal Film Developing Kit


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      Is a special kit designed for the processing of black & white reversal film Fomapan R100. Other films may also be reversal processed, the process is best suited to slow and medium speed films.

      There are 4 solutions comprising Developer, Bleach (potassium permanganate based), Clearing bath & Fixer. Re-exposure is required. Designed for one-shot usage, the baths are supplied as liquid concentrates (except part 2 of the bleach, which is supplied as 8 units of powder), and these are diluted 1+10 for use.

      Recommended capacity for the kit with Fomapan R is;
      8 x 135-36, 2 x 16mm/30.5m or 1 x 35mm/30.5m

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