Foma Film Chemical Processing Kit


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      The kit includes one bottle of :

      Fomadon LQN Film Developer 250ml

      one-part liquid concentrate to make a fine-grain, contrast-working phenidone-hydroquinone negative developer. It is designed for the manual processing of all types of black-and-white negative films.

      Fomacitro Stop Bath 250ml

      liquid concentrate to prepare stop bath, designed for universal use in the manual processing of all sorts of black-and-white films and photographic papers.

      Fomafix 500ml

      One-part liquid concentrate to prepare rapid fixer, designed for the manual processing of all types of black and white films and photopapers.

      Fotonal Wetting Agent 250ml

      liquid concentrate of a wetting agent containing surface active substances and additives for increasing the processed image stability. Application of the Fotonal containing final bath ensures even draining of water off the film surface, accelerates drying and prevents stains formation caused by inhomogenous drying.

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