Cokin Serie A (Size S) Special Effect Filters


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      Serie A filters (Size S) for small micro 4/3 type sensor cameras, with focal lengths over 28mm and 36 to 46mm rings, or DSLR cameras with focal lengths over 35mm (24x36mm) and 48 to 62mm rings.

      Size S filters measure 67 x 67mm or 67 x 72mm

      They fit into the size S filter holder which can take up to 3 filters

      The special effect filters are in the following categories:

      Blurring/softening of the whole of the image (fog, net), with fog being more suited to landscape and net as a diffuser for portraits. Those are graded to reflected the density of the blurring.

      Burring of most of the image with an area remaining sharp (spot). The blurring can be coloured and some are adapted to wide angle shot (WA) and the latter's centre spot are larger. When the blurring is colourless (incolour) or grey the density is graded.

      Optical effects (stars)

      Colour effect (Pola) where reflections are picked up and tinted in the given colour

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