Blue Crane Through the Eyes of a Pro-Canon DSLR Cameras


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      Over the past several years, Blue Crane Digital has produced training DVDs and laminated reference cards for new owners of digital cameras. Our approach has been to get the emerging photographer up and running as quickly as possible, and give them the confidence needed to explore the world of digital imaging.

      Now, we are proud to announce a new DVD series aimed at the digital photographer with a little more experience. Through the Eyes of a Pro is a series of training DVDs aimed at developing better photographers using digital equipment and proven approaches. Volumes 1 and 2 of this series include conversations and photo shoots with famed photographer and teacher, Tim Mantoani. During the course of these two volumes, we follow Tim on a stock photo shoot, an outdoor portrait session, a wildlife shoot, and a little league game. In all these situations Tim explains the challenges faced and how to overcome them. Throughout the presentation, Tim shares experiences and techniques gained over twenty years of shooting athletes, sporting events, weddings, as well as commercial and personal assignments. Hundreds of his photos are included in these DVDs.

      ***These DVDs are not technical discussions of camera settings.  They are aimed at helping photographers see and think about the decisions that make great photographs.  If you need help learning how to operate your camera, please refer to other DVDs on this site.****

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