Photolux 10 Inch LED Ring Light with Phone Holder


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      LED 10 inch Ring Light

      PHOTOLUX 10" ring light with tripod is a perfect desktop lighting solution for many needs. Including live streaming, social media, video calls, make up, product and portrait photography and many, many more!

      Full Control Over the Lighting

      Three different colour modes and 10 brightness levels gives exceptional control over your lighting needs.  NO FILTERS!  Simply adjust the colour at the touch of a button, no need to take time changing filters on the 10 inch ring light.

      Universal smartphone holder

      Our LED ring light comes with a smartphone holder that clamps most models of modern smartphone to the ring light so you can have perfect steady photos and videos.

      USB Powered

      Our Photolux LED 10 inch ring light uses a USB cable for power. This means it can be plugged into a phone charger, laptop, PC or power bank. With so many options to choose from you can be safe in the knowledge you'll always be able to power up your LED ring light wherever you go!

      Additional Information:

      PHOTOLUX 10 inch LED ring light has three light modes for any situation and adjustable brightness to get the perfecting lighting. Choose from very warm yellow, yellow and daylight white depending on your needs.  All at the touch of a button, there's no need to waste time changing filters on the front of the ring light.

      PHOTOLUX ring light 10 inch is convenient for a variety of uses including live streaming, make up, product photography and portrait photography. Small enough to sit on a dressing table it's ideal for all around lighting for make up application. The ring light is very convenient for live streaming to keep in touch with friends and family so they can see you clearly. The 10 inch ring light is also perfect for quick social media updates to your followers, simply turn on and start recording!

      Powered by USB the 23cm ring light can be used practically anywhere with a power bank, phone charger, PC or laptop. The mounting on the desktop tripod for the 10 inch ring light allows movement in practically any direction. Turn 360 degrees, pan and tilt the ring light to get it in the right position for your task.

      The smartphone holder that comes with our PHOTOLUX LED ring light 10 inch can also move independently to the ring light, giving you even more flexibility on the angle of your videos and photographs. The smartphone holder is installed with Pan-Tilt in the middle of the 10 inch ring light. The smartphone holder comes with two mounting holes which means you can clip you phone in horizontally or vertically.


      Product Inner Diameter: 20.3cm

      Product Outer Diameter: 26cm / 10 inch

      Number of LEDs: 120

      Colour Temperature Range: 3200k - 5500k (Kelvin)

      Maximum Power: 24W

      Weight: 465g

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