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    Holga Classical 35mm Camera - Pink

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    What is a Holga?

    A Holga is a 'toy camera' designed in the early 1980's in Hong Kong to feed the country's lust for photography. The concept was simple; a minimal, inexpensive camera that uses film.

    The Cult of Holga.

    It wasn't amazingly popular in its birth country, but sold enough for the manufacturers to keep up production. However over the next few years it become more and more popular with photographers and creative people around the globe. Due to the unique characteristics of the camera, the plastic, or basic glass, lens and the camera body's simple design you can never really be too sure what you're going to get out of a Holga.

    The camera can create dream like landscapes, atmospheric vignetting, light leaks and even pin sharp images.

    Why should I buy one?

    The main reason is they are amazing fun. However most people who use a Holga find the lack of technical options liberating. Because the camera removes most of the technical options you get on modern cameras taking a pictures becomes less about numbers and setting and more just about the subject of the photo, a lot of people find this allows the creative photographer in them to be set free.

    What makes the pictures so interesting?

    This is a hard question to answer, especially when we're trying to sell you one. But basically (from a technical photographic point of view) the camera isn't really built very well. It has either a plastic or low quality glass lens. A lot of the cameras have light leaks and not much effort in the manufacturing process has been made to limit the vignetting. But it's these 'features' that create the brilliant lo-fi images that Holga users love. Mechanically, the camera is very simple. It has a simple meniscus lens, two aperture settings (sunny (f/11) and cloudy (f/8)) one shutter speed (about 1/100) and an interesting zone focusing system which requires you to decide whether your subject is most like a single person, a family, a large group of people or a mountain. There is also a bulb setting for long exposure shots and a tripod mount to keep it steady when doing so. Some versions also have an inbuilt flash.

    * 35mm film format 

    * Plastic 47mm f/8 lens. 

    * Zone focus feature - portrait, small group, big group and infinity. 

    * Standard hot shoe for external flash 

    * Uncoupled advance & shutter for multiple exposures

    Staying true to the classic cult Holga status, its images seep crazy color and contrast to tickle your senses - using the 35mm regular film format. Like the original medium-format Holga, it's got an all-plastic lens that gives its legendary status. The Holga 35mm has two shutter and aperture settings for you to tinker on. Its film advance and shutter are uncoupled, which means that you can shoot unlimited multiple exposures on the same frame (just not too much!). It takes in 35mm film so the shots are fully panoramic. Take home the traditional Holga aesthetic packed in a 35mm body now!

    How to load a Holga

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