Japan Hobby Tool Shoulder Pad Air Cell Mini


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      Keep your bag as light as possible!! You can feel much lighter with Air cell shoulder pad.

      Size:148X60mm/5.8X2.3in(opening size:148X175mm/5.8X6.8in) Weight:30g/0.07lb

      What is AIR CELL? ~AIRCELL is a revolutionary new ergonomic technology that distributes weight with comfort cushions. Each cell is completely separate from adjoining cells, ensuring each AIR CELL remains fully functional in case a single cell is punctured.

      How to Use: Open AIR CELL and wrap your item's strap with AIR CELL and and tightly fasten the touch fastener.Carry your heavy bag effortlessly.

      Protect your shoulder and neck from strain and damage when carrying your heavy camera.Also helpful to carry tripod stands.To privent from losing your grip of monopod.
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