Posted on September 29 2020


Do we do discounts? Yes we do!

Two types of discounts are automatically added: quantity and shipping.

- If you buy 10 items, regardless of their price, you get 5% off. 

- If you spend £150, you get free shipping if you are in mainland UK.

We also do a student/academic discount AND an artist discount. Those are manual and will need to be added in by myself upon receipt of the relevant information onto your own account. You will therefore need to have registered.

For the student/academic discount, you will need to show an academic email address ( for example) and a email me a copy of your student card/enrollment letter/staff card. If you are at school and do not have a school email address, please get me some proof that you are indeed a student.

Artist discount... That exciting discount is for any artist in the UK working towards a show as those are usually a pretty expensive affair. Email me a copy of the show agreement (even if it is hanging in the local café) and your discount will be valid for 6 months. Feel free to email us a invite as well.

Please note: a final year student prepping for their final year show cannot combine academic and artist discount.


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