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  • Used and Commission Section
    New Used Section
    Used and Commission Section

    Posted on October 24 2020

    We have added a tab for the ‘used’ section where you will find second hand items (as well as returns etc) sold by us and ‘commissions’: items sold by us...

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  • Discounts

    Posted on September 29 2020

    Do we do discounts? Yes we do! Two types of discounts are automatically added: quantity and shipping. - If you buy 10 items, regardless of their price, you get 5%...

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  • New location

    Posted on September 22 2020

    RK has now moved, from the depth of a suburban industrial estate to a gorgeous high street location in a listed arcade in Letchworth Garden City. You may ask why...

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  • leaf

    We now have a leaf favicon added to relevant products (paper) tagged as vegan.

    Vegan Favicon

    Posted on August 03 2020

    One of the debate in traditional photography is the use of animal products, namely gelatine. At RK, like in the real world, we are a mixed bunch, with an avid...

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  • Hello! yes we have moved to this platform but we are still the same RK
    New Site

    Posted on July 01 2020

    Hello, We have moved to this new platform, which offers a more logical and secure environment. It is a work in progress (I have yet to reformat all images for...

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  • So there you are at home with some film gear perhaps (or even none at all) and you would like to make pictures. Here is a quick guide to photo-graphy, ie drawing with light, which you can do even without a camera.
    No darkroom? Plenty of sunshine instead?

    Posted on June 29 2020

    The basic material for all of those  alternative processes are one or the other or both of the following: - Stuff to place on the paper to make contact prints...

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