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    1. Bell And Howell 1 Inch Sliver Viewfinder Lens For 16mm
    2. Bell And Howell 1 Inch Viewfinder Lens For 8mm
    3. Bell And Howell 2.8 Inch Viewfinder Lens For 16mm
    4. Bell And Howell 20mm Viewfinder Lens For 16mm
    5. Bell and Howell 918 Filmosound Photo Sound Cell

      Bell and Howell 918 Filmosound Photo Sound Cell


      They are all new and unused but are old stock.

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    6. 300d

      Blue Crane Canon 300D Training DVD


      Take great pictures with your Canon Digital Rebel / 300D camera! This training video gets new owners up and running quickly. The presentation doesn't just cover what the technical features do; it explains why and how to use them. Many controls are demonstrated through the viewfinder, so you can better understand how to produce the best image possible. The topics are arranged in chapters, allowing you to move at your own pace. This training DVD is designed for beginning to intermediate photographers who are making the leap to a Digital SLR from 35mm film cameras or digital “point and shoot” cameras. 

      Format: NTSC, All Regions
      Running Time:  55 Minutes



      • Making sense of the controls 
      • Automatic settings 
      • Auto focus points 
      • Using the Creative Zone modes
      • Time Value setting 
      • Depth of field 
      • Aperture Value 
      • Depth of field preview button 
      • How to avoid blurry images 
      • ISO 
      • Composition 
      • White balance 
      • AE lock 
      • RAW files 
      • Software tools: Photoshop 
      • Printing your favorite photos 
      • ...and much more...

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    7. 5D

      Blue Crane Canon 5D Training DVD


      Take great pictures with your Canon 5D! This DVD gets you up and running with confidence, while explaining what the engineers had in mind when they designed the outside dials and controls. The Canon 5D is a powerful piece of equipment. A solid understanding of its features and controls can really unleash its potential. Once you learn how the camera’s components work together, you’ll have all the tools you need to capture the best image under all conditions. The topics are arranged in chapters, so you can move at your own pace, and return later to individual subjects. Cut weeks or months off your learning curve. All you need is this training DVD and about 110 minutes, and you’ll have the knowledge and the confidence to create the images you want. You’ll come back to this video again and again!

      Format: NTSC, All Regions
      Running Time: 109 minutes

      • Time Value settings
      • Aperture Value/depth of field
      • Depth of field preview
      • Picture Styles
      • AF modes
      • Metering and bracketing
      • White balance/color temperature
      • ISO
      • Using playback to create
         great images
      • Understanding histograms
      • Exposure compensation
      • Flash overview
      • Using physical filters
      • Lens selection
      • Custom Functions
      • Programmable buttons
      • RAW files
      • Composition
      • Digital Photo Professional
      • Camera User settings
      • Bulb setting
      • and much more..

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    8. Blue Crane Canon Rebel T4i - 650D - Basic Controls

      Blue Crane Canon Rebel T4i - 650D - Basic Controls


      Running Time: 107 minutes
      NTSC: All Regions

      Topics Include:

      • Video recording basics
      • Live view photography
      • Touch screen operation
      • Focus settings
      • Creative Auto
      • Shutter-priority (Tv)
      • Aperture-priority (Av) /
        depth of field
      • Metering
      • Exposure Compensation
      • White balance / color
      • Playback and image review
      • Flash photography basics
      • Custom Functions introduction
      • Tips for improving composition
      • Picture Styles
      • ...and much more!

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    9. speedlite

      Blue Crane Canon Speedlite 580EX and 430EX Training DVD


      The new EX series of Speedlites from Canon can be the most powerful accessory in your camera bag. Understanding how the controls work is important and this DVD takes you through their operation, step by step.

      Your host, professional photographer Tim Mantoani, demonstrates these flash units in a series of real world examples. He explains why and how to get an emotional response from your pictures by adding or subtracting light.

      This DVD keeps extra equipment needs to a minimum. Whether you own a 580EX, 430EX, or both, this presentation gives you a practical approach for approaching all photographic subjects that require a little portable sunlight. Whether you use one speedlite or a hundred, Tim's approach will help you create the best photo possible. This DVD picks up where the manual stops, helping you to integrate flash photography into your image making arsenal. Tim Mantoani has been a professional photographer for over fifteen years. Shooting everything from professional athletes and celebrities, to fashion and products, his work has appeared in numerous national advertising campaigns and magazines. His monthly column on lighting has appeared in Photographic Magazine for the past thirteen years.

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    10. Blue Crane inBrief Guide for the Canon 600D - Rebel T3i

      Blue Crane inBrief Guide for the Canon 600D - Rebel T3i


      A laminated reference card for your camera bag.

      Your new Canon Rebel T3i has many controls and settings designed to allow you to make a perfect exposure.

      But remembering where they are and how the features work together can be daunting.

      If you decide to carry the user manual in your bag, you may discover that finding the answer to your question can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. That is why Blue Crane Digital developed an abbreviated field reference guide for your digital SLR.

      The inBrief reference card answers most camera operation questions quickly and easily. The information is arranged logically for ease of use. The reference card is laminated with foldable hinges so it lies flat and is easily stored in your camera bag.

      The first panel contains a color-coded index to the rest of the panels. For instance, if you have a question about white balance, just check the index and find your answer on the purple panel. An overview of the information for each of the panels is listed below:

      • Foldable, laminated hinges allow the inBrief to lie flat in your
        camera bag
      • Answers the most common questions about camera operation
        and customization
      • Index and panels are color coded for quickly finding your answer
      • Laminated 100LB card stock resists wear and weather
      • Eliminates the need to carry your camera manual

      Once you have the inBrief reference card, you can leave your manual at home!

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