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    1. Braun 130 Professional Tripod

      Braun 130 Professional Tripod


      The BRAUN 130 tripod is both Lightweight and compact in construction. The black 3-section anodized aluminium legs and centre strut design enables a high degree of stability to be maintained. This great value tripod includes a 3-way pan and tilt head which benefits from a handy quick release plate and spirit level. A crank handle controls up and down movement of the centre column. The legs incorporate Non-slip rubber feet and useful built in adjustable steel spikes for soft ground. A useful hook attached to the base of the centre column allows for accessories to be clipped on. A maximum height of 158 cm and a minimum of 64cm can be achieved. The BRAUN 130 tripod is able to support a load of up to 3kg whilst it only weighs 940g. A carrying handle and soft tripod case is included. Learn More
    2. Braun Bilora Safari I 890

      Braun Bilora Safari I 890


      Quick release With strap Maximum height : 131cm Minimum height : 49cm Weight : 1.1Kg Learn More
    3. Camlink CL-TP2500 Tripod

      Camlink CL-TP2500 Tripod


      Maximum height : 155cm Minimum height : 59cm Quick release Video/camera With case Learn More
    4. Cullmann 3080 Multipod

      Cullmann 3080 Multipod


      New and unused, Old stock, No boxes or paperwork. Monopod and stand Suction pads Monopod maximum height : 157cm Monopod minimum height : 61cm Maximum support leg length : 51cm Minimum support leg length : 35cm Quick release Weight :1kg Learn More
    5. Cullmann 3305 Tripod legs

      Cullmann 3305 Tripod legs


      New and unused, Old stock, No boxes or paperwork. Maximum height : 143cm Minimum height : 52cm Adjustable leg angle 1.2kg Learn More
    6. Cullmann Touring Set

      Cullmann Touring Set


      New and unused, No Boxes or paperwork. Includes: Clamp ground spike mount Wood screw mount Suction mount Compact tripod Clamp maximum gap is 9cm Ground spike length is 16cm Wood screw length is 3.5cm Tripod: Maximum height : 79cm Minimum height : 31cm Ball and socket head Four section legs Learn More
    7. Ex Demo Manfrotto 344B Monopod
    8. Manfrotto Centre Column Monopod 379
    9. Redged RMA- 432 Monopod - Aluminium - 170cm

      Redged RMA- 432 Monopod - Aluminium - 170cm


      Redged products are manufactured using the highest know-how available in the world. Their fabrication process involves precise weaving and wrapping whilst the materials are kept under high pressure and high temperature. The technological complexity of this process is similar to that of the carbon fiber casings used in the aviation industry. Redged's carbon fiber is stronger than metal and lighter than wood, while both the toughness and tensile strength of it are incomparable to any other material currently known.

      The design of the Redged products is completely focused on our customers and we are constantly developing and improving. Because of this we can always provide the best quality and durability possible.

      However, despite all our efforts, it is possible that a product that you have purchased develops a fault or brakes down without being mishandled. In this case, you can rely on our 5 years limited warranty. Redged guarantees a full replacement of your product within the first five years. Also, if necessary, we guarantee the availability of replacement parts within this same period.

      Material: Aluminium
      Sections: 4
      Tube diameter: 32mm
      Extended length: 170cm
      Folded length: 54cm
      Weight: 0,65kg
      Max. Weight: 15kg

      Learn More
    10. Redged RTT 423 Studio Tripod - Titanium Alloy - Zoom Kit

      Redged RTT 423 Studio Tripod - Titanium Alloy - Zoom Kit


      Titanium tubes
      Aluminium alloy with a protective top layer of titanium, which is harder than aluminium. 

      Non-rotation legs
      Because of the non-rotation system, all locks of the legs can be opened at the same time, in one movement. Setting up is a matter of seconds. 

      Locking clamps
      For fast and easy setup. No sealing or protection against sand/dust. For general use, not for heavy outdoor circumstances.

      Three leg positions
      Besides the normal position, the tripod offers the extra low position for low viewpoints and ground level macro subjects, and a middle position for table top photography and macro photography (flowers, insects, etc.).

      Stability hook
      Specially designed for attaching extra weight (a photo bag, or a bag with sand, stones), to increase the stability of the tripod. 

      Reversible mounting screw
      With 1/4 and 3/8 threads, so any head or other accessory can be attached.

      Rubber feet with spikes
      Universal feet with retractable spikes, suitable for all surfaces.

      Leveling bubble
      High precision leveling bubble helps making perfectly leveled shots.
      The new leveling system is made of three independent leveling bubbles on the quick release plate and one in the ball stem, always guaranteeing perfectly leveled images.

      All weather foam grip
      Luxury leg covers for easy handling and convenience at lower temperatures.

      Reversible column
      By inverting the center column, it is possible to realize extra low camera positions and low macro shots. Also great for making reproductions of flat objects.

      Tripod bag included
      Every tripod is supplied with a high quality tripod bag.

      Two part center column
      For low level use of the tripod, the lower part of the center column can be removed.

      RT-1 ballhead
      Compact, lightweight ball heads. Superior finishing for smooth and precise operation. With reliable quick release plate.

      Material: Titanium
      Locking system: clips
      Sections: 4
      Tube diameter: 23
      Maximum height (center column extended): 148cm
      Minimum heigt: 32cm
      Folded length: 48cm
      Weight: 1,2kg
      Maximum Weight: 4,5kg

      With: RT-1 ballhead - Compact, lightweight ball heads. Superior finishing for smooth and precise operation. With reliable quick release plate.

      Learn More

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