In the past, printing off photos yourself was nearly always disappointing. Either the ink would be poorly saturated, the photos would be lined, or the paper too reflective. Rarely would anyone end up with prints worth slipping in an album, or on the wall.

But, nowadays, thanks to the power of inkjet printers, we can produce pictures to rival that of a chemist’s.

However, this also means investing in some good quality inkjet paper. Plain paper absorbs ink and is therefore unsuitable for photographs. This leads to washing out of colours, destruction of fine detail, and a reduction in the sharpness of an image.  

Inkjet paper meanwhile is highly absorbent, and designed specifically for printing photographs.

For cheap but quality inkjet paper, explore our extensive range at RK Photographic.

We sell many packs of top brand inkjet paper, including Awagami, Canson, Fotospeed, Hahnemühle, Harman, Sihl, St Cuthbert’s Mill, Epson, Ilford, Permajet, and Tetenal Spectre Jet. Among our range you can find both matte and glossy paper, to suit your particular preferences.

We can help you produce quality prints, with sharp, flawless images every time.

You can either browse our inkjet paper online, or visit our London store. Here you can view printed samples and swatches, and discuss different papers if needed.