Fotospeed’s high quality papers are the most renowned inkjet papers among professional photographers. In fact, many well-known photographers use this brand of inkjet paper for all their printing needs.

This brand is even holding their own festival in September that celebrates the world of photography and printing. The festival, known as ‘Foto Fest 2016’, will feature a number of photographers talking about their work and covers everything from sports photography to wildlife images.

Inkjet paper that guarantees quality images.

Fotospeed inkjet papers are revered for their coating performance, silky feel, weight, longevity and, above all, their image quality. Colours and the depth of images will startle your sense when you choose Fotospeed.

At RK Photographic we sell over 300 types of Fotospeed products, including inkjet papers from their Fine Art, Photo and Canvas ranges.

On our site you can purchase Fotospeed Pigment Friendly Gloss for only £14.27. These papers are an excellent introduction to the Fotospeed range, and have a high white point, making it perfect for a wide range of printing projects.

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