Pictures taken using drones can change the way we see the world, opening up our eyes to landscapes we didn’t know existed.

A number of talented photographers have recently captured Australia from the air for a photography competition, and it’s produced many spectacular photographs, with the winner of the competition capturing Wyadup Spa in Western Australia.

If you want to improve the result of drone pictures, why not use a hood cover?

Drone hood covers enable you to see your screen in greater clarity. Whether shooting the sea crashing against the cliffs in Wales or St Ives from the air, you’ll be able to see the exactly what you’re shooting, instead of suffering from sun glare. Similarly, it will make life easier for videographers looking to capture big events.

At RK Photographic have a range of accessories for drones, including our iPad Drone Hoods, such as the HAV2 Aviator Hood.

Ideal for the iPad Air, this hood will vastly improve your outdoor viewing. It has a horizontal strap to prevent your devise from falling forward. It has two adjustable mounting straps make hood mounting quick and easy.

Why not discover more about this drone hood today?