Do you love a bird’s-eye view when it comes to photographs?

From the sun shining off the ocean, to a patchwork spread of green fields seen from above, drones can capture some beautiful pictures.

Using drones, people have shot everything from a seagull in flight, to scuba divers drifting through a lucid ocean surrounded by sharks. Simply search for ‘pictures taken by drones’ and you’ll see how many possibilities they provide.

And it’s easier than ever to buy a drone with an incorporated camera, but operating them isn’t always a walk in the park. Although you can use your iPad or iPhone to control a drone, it can be difficult if the light isn’t too good.

If you want to improve your viewing experience, how about using one of our Drone Aviator Hoods?

A Drone Aviator Hood will significantly improve your outdoor viewing experience while controlling a drone. This could have a huge impact on the pictures you’re able to take.

This Drone Aviator Hood for the iPad Air is extremely easy to use and includes a safety strap to prevent your devise from falling forward.

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