Getting into drone photography in 2017?

Drones with inbuilt cameras can shoot hugely inspirational pictures: from people scaling rock faces from above, to an eagle soaring over a beach. Taking pictures with a bird’s-eye view can really change your perspective on the world, and create dramatic images that are perfect for blowing up and hanging on the wall.

But while drones can capture some stunning, awe-inspiring images, it’s not always an easy task. No matter how amazing the view, if you’re struggling to direct the drone then all will be lost.

That’s why at RK Photographic we have a number of drone accessories to make controlling your devise much easier.

If you want to improve your outdoor viewing, why not use a Shogun Extender Hood?

This Drone Shogun Extender Hood is one of our many drone accessories sold on RK Photographic. The bottom panel of the hood has a unique pierceable feature to aid in touch screen access, along with two adjustable mounting straps to make mounting easy. It is designed for Flysight and 7" FPV Monitors, and can easily be ordered online.

Along with drone extender hoods, we also have drone launch pads, belts for DJI controllers, and controller belts. Everything you need to become a top-notch drone photographer!

Check out our range of drone accessories today.

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