Did you know that your iPhone can be used to control a drone?

Drones can capture unique pictures that would otherwise never be seen, from angles that you might never have imagined.

Often the photographs are so striking, they make the perfect images to blow up and hang on your wall. Whether it’s of a hilly landscape or a view of the women’s march in Washington, they’re one of the easiest way to take aerial photography.

It’s also becoming more popular: there were over 27,000 entries for the SkyPixel competition for the best aerial photography last year.

Why use a drone aviator hood for your iPhone?

At RK Photographic we have many accessories for your drone, including aviator hoods for better viewing outside.

If you’ve ever found it hard to view your screen, this handy accessory will make all the difference. It could transform your outdoor viewing when using your iPhone to direct your drone. If you’re buying a photographer a Valentine’s gift, and looking for something original, this could be ideal.

Drone photography has never been more fun!

Why not check out our other drone accessories?

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