Whether it’s taking wildlife pictures or coverage of sports, with a drone you can do amazing things.

Drone photography has become the latest craze and can help you achieve a unique perspective like no other, whether it’s taking pictures of landscapes or shooting aerial footage of an event.

Both man-made structure and natural phenomenon can look spectacular from above, whether it’s mountains, the ocean or Rio De Janerio’s Christ of the Redeemer statue.  A drone enables you to take the kind of pictures that could previously only be taken by helicopters.

When you want to improve your shooting experience with a drone, consider using an aviator hoods. If you use your iPad or iPhone to control the drone, a Drone Aviator Hood could significantly improve your ability to see what you’re shooting.

We have Drone Aviator Hoods for both the iPad and the iPad 2, along with the iPhone 6 and 6S.

Most of our accessories for drone photography are less than £100, including aviator hood extenders, aviator hood kits, hood extenders, and shogun base hoods. Our collection includes the HVA2 aviator hood which is extremely easy to use.

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