Drones are essentially flying robots and in terms of military use, they’ve been around much longer than you might think. In fact, the first pilotless vehicles appeared a hundred years ago, during the First World War.

Nowadays, drones can be used for a wide range of uses, including aerial photography and videography and taking cutting edge photographs. They’ve gone far beyond being used exclusively by the military.

One of the greatest things about drones is we can now control them with our iPhones and iPads.

With drones becoming more affordable, it’s likely many people received one as a Christmas present. If you were one of them, why not check out our drone accessories at RK Photographic?

Our range of drone accessories from Hoodman.

Among our range of camera accessories is this Drone Aviator Hood Extender for those who need a longer viewfinder. It is ideal for optimal glare-free outdoor iPad mini viewing and has an overall distance of 13’’.

This Drone Aviator Hood Extender is useful for those days of winter sunlight, when the glare makes it difficult to control your drone.

Check out more of our drone hoods and extenders.