At RK Photographic we sell a wide range of camera accessories, including those from brands like Hoodman. As you might imagine from our name, we particularly specialise in traditional photography equipment.

Among our range are these Sunfabric cotton fabric squares which are ideal for those who want to try cyanotype processing, otherwise known as a Sun Print.

Why contemporary photographers love Sun Printing.

This classic process is over 160 years old and was the first successful non-silver photographic printing process. Often seen on gallery walls, they’re one of the most creative ways to have fun with traditional photography, and produce some highly original work. Many contemporary photographers love this expressive medium which is a brilliant introduction to alternative printing.

Cyanotype processing is a way of creating sun prints of objects, whether it’s a jewellery or sprig of flowers. At RK Photographic we have a range of cotton squares that can be printed on both sides, and are ideal for quilting. You can really experiment with a Sun Print, and make everything from sepia prints to yellow prints.

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