Fancy discovering a photography technique that makes the most of the sun?

At RK Photographic we have a range of cyanotype paper to have fun with, whether you’re looking to introduce children to traditional photography techniques or wish to have a go yourself.

This method of producing prints endured well into the 20th century, and still has a unique charm like no other.

When it comes to cyanotype paper, blue is the traditional choice, but we also have other colours on offer among our range. You can choose from blue, green, yellow, red, violet or white.

 Otherwise known as sun paper, this type of paper works when exposed to sunlight; made from 100% natural fibres, the material can be sun printed on both sides and repeatedly rinsed.

You can use either drawings or objects to make a sun print, giving you plenty of chances to be creative. The final print is wonderful for decorative purposes, and can be dyed, painted or drawn on. Because it’s extremely durable, it can also be stitched or beaded and washed. To take care of the fabric, simply don’t use the stream setting when ironing.