To ensure that your photos are printed with a sleek and glossy finish, you will need top-quality printing paper that can do more than simply have your photo printed onto it. With our smooth, Fotospeed ink jet paper here at RK Photographic, we are sure that your images can come out looking vibrant and professionally printed.

Fotospeed specialise in creating gorgeous ink jet paper. With over 70 types to choose from, we are sure that you can find the most suitable one for your printer within our online store. From Gloss to Oyster and more, our selection is sure to have the paper you need to fulfil all of your requirements.

The benefit of Fotospeed is that your images can look even more outstanding when printed on this type of luxury paper.  Not only do they have a silky look, but Fotospeed inkjet papers are also praised for their long life and pleasing weight.  What’s more is that we provide these products in a range of prices; meaning that you can find the most affordable product to suit your budget. So why not take a look at our Fotospeed inkjet papers today?

If you would like to try or find out more about our Fotospeed ink jet paper, you can give us a call 01707 643 953. Alternatively, you can email us at