Do you want to print great photos at home?

There’s nothing like being able to hold your favourite photographs in your hands. It helps make the memory more solid, and therefore more real. Displaying photographs in an album will always have intrinsic value, because it makes it so much easier for us to share and reminisce over memories together. They also make valuable heirlooms for our descendants. There’s no doubt something is lacking in simply viewing pictures on a screen. Making your memories more tangible, printed photographs also make fantastic gifts for birthdays and anniversaries.

With prints developed at chemists becoming ever more expensive, and home technology becoming more advanced, home printing ought to be easy. However, for many of us this proves the opposite. Smudged prints, poor colour and mediocre results can be highly disappointing, especially when you got all excited about the process.

One of the first steps you need to make is invest in a good inkjet printer. After that, it’s absolutely essential you invest in decent inkjet paper to ensure the best results possible. Anyone who’s ever printed on poor quality paper will testify, it makes for distinctly lack lustre prints. High quality inkjet paper doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, especially with a wide range of suppliers found on the internet.

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