Canon are one of the most well-known names, in the world of photography. This Japanese multi-national company are a trusted brand for photographers at all levels. Founded in 1937, they now produce not only cameras, but camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, printers and medical equipment.

When purchasing a Canon SLR camera, it’s definitely worth investing in some quality accessories.

If you’re looking for eyecups for your Canon camera, explore our range today.

RK Photographic sell a variety of eyecups suitable for the Canon SLR line, Canon 1D Mark III and more. This is a great way to make shooting outdoors much easier and more effective. It provides a comfortable rest for your eye, rather than you relying on hands alone to steady the camera.

At RK Photographic you can buy this accessory for just £22.99, including free postage. Each eyecup seals perfectly, to block out ambient light, with a self-locking mount, rotation for alternate shoulders and a hypoallergenic silicon rubber eyecup.

We also sell a huge variety of other camera accessories, including ink jet paper, darkroom equipment, digital filters, harnesses, shoulder straps and much more.

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