Tis the season for low lit photographs and some truly striking night shots. Whether you’ve seen an incredible light display or want to shoot those New Year’s Eve photographs, you’ll need to find the best accessories for maximum control.

Eyecups are one of the best ways to link your eye and the camera in perfect unison. Comfortably sealing out ambient light, they are one of the finest accessories for outdoor shooting.

If you’re wondering where to buy eyecups online, you can’t go wrong with RK Photographic. We have everything you need for a photographer’s stocking this Christmas, from darkroom accessories to quality products for digital cameras.

Our eyecups are ideal for Hoodman cameras and are sold for just £29.99, making it a cost-effective way to improve your LCD viewing experience. This product can be mounted in mere seconds and can be spun left or right for maximum coverage.

We also sell a wide range of other Hoodman accessories, so you’ll be fully equipped for some stunning shots in the coming year.

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