There is not a specific answer to the question “what is the best inkjet paper?” Many people will have you believe that you must pay extortionate amounts for the best quality. Here at RK Photographic we know this is not necessarily the case. The real question should be “what is the best inkjet paper for me?” In order to decide on your purchase it is important to firstly assess what results you are looking for. Paper can bring life to your picture or do it an injustice depending on what you intend to print, your printer model and ink. Inkjet paper options We offer a wide range of inkjet paper to suit all your printing requirements. Here is a small selection of our range currently available: - Hahnemühle Photo Rag (308gsm A4 25 sheets) – A favourite with photographers looking to create fine art prints of high quality. - Fotospeed Pigment Friendly Gloss (270gsm, A4 50) – Ideal if you are looking for that perfect glossy finish. This is a stiff paper offering excellent handling capacity and instant drying. - Canson Infinity A4 Fine Art Photo Discovery Pack (11 sheets) – Not sure on the type of finish you are going for? This pack is for you, it contains one sheet of 11 different types of paper for you to test out and explore your creative side. What is the best inkjet paper for one person is not for another. Call us on 01707 643953 and we will help you pick inkjet paper based on your needs.