Got a penchant for traditional photography techniques?

At RK Photographic we have a huge range of darkroom equipment, including products for Cyanotype Processing. This particular photographic processing technique produces a cyan-blue print. Used by engineers well into the 20th century, it involves the production of drawings called ‘blue prints’.

Sun printed impressions, perfect for quilts.

If you want to try Cyanotype Processing, consider our Solar Prints. Easy to use, all your need is sunlight and water to make this unusual type of print. Appearing on fabric squares, your final prints will be machine washable (without phosphate) and are ideal for quilting.

If you love arty photography and experimenting, you can have real fun with this type of printing.  It means you can transfer drawings or objects like leaves, flowers or letters, and make a sun print of them. Simply use your imagination and the results can be truly beautiful. This is a brilliant technique for photography students to try early on.

Our fabric squares are available in a wide range of colours, including blue, pink, green and mixed colours. Prices start from £24.98 for 25 squares of fabric.

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