Do you want to show children some early photography techniques? Or have some fun with Cyanotype processing yourself?

Extremely popular throughout the 20th century, this process produces simple but beautiful silhouettes of objects. Whether it’s off an autumn leaf, or a peacock feather, the technique is quick, easy and produces impressive results.

With Cyanotype paper, you can try out one of the most simple but fun types of traditional photography. Available in a number of different colours, our Sun Paper comes in various different packs. We also have Sun Fabric made of 100% silk, which is ideal for scarves. This makes it ideal for producing stunning patterns for quilting, craft and dress making.

We have everything you need to experiment with Sun Prints.

Our Cyanotype Paper is available in many different colours, including violet, green, orange, blue and packs of mixed colours.

Made of 100% silk, it is machine washable and made of 100% fibres; that means you prints will be archival. With this Sun Fabric, the final print can be dyed, painted or drawn upon, or embellished with stitching and beading. We also have all the chemicals needed for this simple technique, including Fotospeed Cyanotype Sensitizer Solution.

Explore our range of Cyanotype Paper today.

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