Although digital photography has overtaken traditional techniques in the popularity stakes, darkroom methods are still embraced by many. For those looking to purchase darkroom supplies, RK Photographic is often the premier choice of retailer. Specialising in the sale of new and used darkroom equipment, this trusted retailer is on hand to ensure that you invest in only the best quality products.

Get your Hands on the Products you Need

There's no escaping the fact that many photographers have turned their backs on traditional darkroom photography in favour of the shiny new digital world. This has made it hard for darkroom equipment manufacturers and retailers and many have folded due to lack of custom. As a result, those who have chosen to stick with darkroom photography usually struggle to get their hands on the products they need. RK Photographic is on hand to help and is able to supply the paper, chemicals and film as well as range of other quality darkroom equipment. To learn more about the company or to view its product range, visit the website.