Are you a fan of traditional darkroom photography? The age-old art form might have been brushed aside in favour of digital photography but there are still plenty of people who continue to embrace the darkroom. As you can imagine, it isn't all that easy to find darkroom equipment on the high-street, but turn your attentions to the Internet and it's a different story. One popular online supplier of traditional darkroom equipment is RK Photographic. The company sells an extensive range of darkroom equipment and is essentially a one-stop-shop for all of your darkroom photography needs. Visit the online shop to buy everything from enlargers to darkroom paper at the best prices.

Learn from the Expert   

New to darkroom photography? If so then get in touch with RK Photographic today. Owner Roy Knichel has over 25 years of experience in darkroom photography and is more than happy to share his expertise with photographers of all levels of skill. Beginning your darkroom photography journey can be confusing and there's a lot to learn so why not give Roy a call today on 01707 643 953? Alternatively, to browse RK Photographic's wide and varied product range visit the website now.