Digital cameras and the rise of social media have made for a rise of budding photographers, although it is still easy to tell the difference between a professional and an amateur photograph. While an amateur photo will tend to be achieved in a second or two, with the typical ‘point and shoot’ style camera, a professional photo will be the result of much more careful planning and thought.

A quality professional photo is achieved with more than just creativity and intuition, however, top quality photographic and darkroom equipment are also required to produce photos which have true quality to them. Most serious professional photographers will have a photography studio and darkroom, where the environment is controlled by them through their equipment. Lighting can be hot, warm or cool, and you should aim to have at least two different types of lighting.

Darkroom Equipment is one of the most important piece of photography equipment you can choose along with the camera, so think about what kind of pictures you will mostly be taking and find the camera which is best suited to those needs. You will also most likely want to invest in different backgrounds, props and other essential equipment such as tripods and screens.

Here at The Darkroom, we have all the essential photographic equipment you could ever need, whether you’re looking at creating your own photography studio or even your own traditional darkroom. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just give us a call on 01707 643953.