With the stresses and strains of working hard at the day job, attempting to pay the bills and support family or lifestyle we all need something to unwind and shut out the week’s exertions.

Hobbies can form such an important role in providing much needed relaxation and positive stimulation for many of us. Despite leading busy lives and having work and family commitments, time should always be made to allow the mind to switch off and refocus. In some instances it can be vital for mental and physical wellbeing, too much work and not enough play can be harmful.

Hobbies can vary from being exercise and sports based, like football, running, cycling etc to more sedate activities like painting, fishing, or arts and crafts. Everyone will have their own preference to letting their stresses go and feeling refreshed.

Photography is a very popular past time, and it can take many forms, due to the subject and styles of the shot, the technology, types of camera and lenses, printing and perhaps post production of the images.

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