n an era of digital photography and high street digital printouts, we forget that the best photographic images are produced courtesy of the dark room. The Dark Room has put together this list of three of the best darkroom materials to help budding amateurs or old pros maintain higher standards of quality and professionalism.

Photographic Paper

Whatever type of photography and whatever kind of finish from oyster, gloss to matt, you will need the right kind of photographic paper. The Dark Room has the very best photographic paper why not explore our range to find the right paper for your photographic needs.

Processing Chemicals

Whatever type of chemicals you need from developer, fixer or wash aid and regardless of whether it is for black and white or colour. You can rest assured that The Dark Room has the very highest quality chemicals for your photographic needs.

Photography Equipment

Whatever type of equipment materials you need from easels, bulbs or storage units, The Dark Room has the very best equipment for your photographic needs.

The Dark Room is a specialist online photography and supplies reseller. They focus on offering customers the very best digital and traditional photographic equipment and accessories at the greatest value prices. However, what qualities make the best Inkjet paper?

Therefore, if you need professional affordable dark room equipment to create the perfect images why not get in contact with The Dark Room on 01707 643 953 or alternatively visit their online store at www.thedarkroom.co.uk for more information.