The Darkroom idea was created to assist those who need help with their photographic requirements. In total the darkroom business has over 80 years of experience enabling us to offer specialist advice and support to people of all levels of experience. Here at RK Photographic we are one of a few places that still offer paper intended for the dark room, we believe this is a magnificent art that is sadly dying out with the introduction of modern technology. However we do cater for all types of customers, whether you need to print traditional, digital or studio we have a large variety to cater for all your printing needs. Inkjet paper is our specialty but we do also sell camera accessories in the ‘Bags and Tripods’ section of our website. These will ensure you have the support you need to create perfect pictures. Are you an avid bargain hunter? Visit the clearance section on our website where you may be able to pick up inkjet paper at a discounted price. Our sale items do update continuously so you will need to check back regularly. For all your printing needs visit The Darkroom – Inkjet Paper Supplier with a difference. If you would like to speak to someone about your requirements please call 01707 643953 and one of our team will be able to assist you.