Established over 25 years ago, Fotospeed produce over 70 types of inkjet paper with their Fine Art papers some of the most popular on the market for professional photographers.

Inkjet paper that always delivers quality images.

Fotospeed inkjet papers are revered for their coating performance, silky feel, weight, longevity and above all- their image quality. The colour and the depth of your images will be rich and striking when you choose to print them on Fotospeed paper.

At RK Photographic we sell over 300 types of Fotospeed products, including inkjet papers from their Fine Art, Photo and Canvas ranges.

If you’re looking for their most affordable inkjet paper, RK Photographic have packs of Fotospeed RC VC 25 Glossy Sheets for less than £10.00. With a high gloss finish and RCVC heavyweight resin coated finish, this Fotospeed paper is ideal for toning and tinting techniques. The paper’s chloro-bromide emulsion has greater D-max and is therefore capable of recording grade.

When after a paper for landscapes and portraiture, look towards their Natural Soft Textured Paper which is 100% acid-free and has a natural white base, making it ideal for colour and monochrome images.

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