Are you finding it difficult to source the best Inkjet paper for your printer? Have you considered using to make sure you only get the highest quality paper for your printing needs? is a specialist online photography and supplies reseller. They focus on offering customers the very best digital and traditional photographic equipment and accessories at the greatest value prices. However, what qualities make the best Inkjet paper?

When considering the best Inkjet paper for fine art and high quality artistic photographic printing, you need to take into account the quality of the paper. The paper we use is a definitive platform for the images we create, so we need to make sure that this platform is high quality.

What paper do you choose? There are many different types of Inkjet paper ranging from glossy traditional paper to rough textured paper. This is a very good question as it defines the very photo you are printing. The standard paper – the so-called exhibition-quality Glossy fibre-based paper is popular because of its ability to increase the contrast and detail of the image on display. Whereas, rough textured paper or a matte surface is flat, smooth and unreflective which is identifiable in the low brightness and fine detail of the image. There are other types available – from pearl, lustre, infinity to baryta papers.

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